Nano (Greek noun) means “dwarf”.

Nanometer (Nanometer)

refers to nanoparticles in scientific work, which means 1 part in 1,000 million parts (10-9). So nanometer means 10-9 meters.


Technology is about the technology of the creation,  application or the use of product related to small particles as atom, molecules or piece at 1-100 nanometer can lead for new function and attribute of chemical physical and biological to be useful and value added.

In the future, any applications can be used by nano technology such as textile, health and medical, automotive etc.


The Elements of Nanotechnology

1. Size of 1-100 Nanometer

2. New function or attribute

3. Accuracy, controllable


Special functions from Nano meter

• Quantum  Effects

• Surface  Effects

• Interface  Effects

• Scaling  Effects