The application of Nano zinc oxide in industries for more  superior properties improvement in a wide various industries such as

For Rubber Industries:

Nano zinc oxide helps to improved shear strength and reduce  cure time properties .

• Zinc oxide along with stearic acid activates sulfur crosslinking of rubber

• Enhance the ability to absorb frictional heat an important property in tire performance

• Resistance of rubber to degradation

• Low oversize – to prevent point defects in the compound.

• Particle size – to provide the required level of reactivity

For Ceramic Industries:

Nano zinc oxide helps to improve energy saved in sintering process.

• Reduces the melt temperature of the glaze.

• Reduces the energy and equipment requirements

For Glass Compositions

• Reduces the melt temperature of the glaze, thereby reducing the energy and equipment requirements.

• Heat resistant glass and cookware as well as specialty glass applications such as photochromic lenses.

For Paint Industries 

Direct Process of zinc oxide is preferred due to its lower reactivity, the primary function of the zinc oxide is as anti-fungus. Zinc oxide is also used in ship’s antifouling paint compositions

–  Anti corrosive paint

For Textile Industries :

Coating on fiber for anti-bacteria and UV-Protector, deodorant.

For cosmetics Industries

Nano zinc oxide helps to improved UV protection property in sunscreen more effective due to its ability to strongly absorb UV. UV ray is caused sunburn and skin disorders. In recent years, sunscreens have been formulated with very fine zinc oxide which is transparency.

For Pharmaceutical Industries :

• Antiseptic

• Sufficiently active to protect skin from infections without inducing an adverse reaction.

• Creams and ointments.

For Animal Feed :

 Zinc compounds form major pathways in the body’s metabolism.

For Catalysts:

Catalyst organic reactions such as dehydrogenation. Very fine (Active) zinc oxides derived from zinc hydroxide or carbonate are used in these applications

For Varistors :

This device has an extremely rapid response time. Voltage spikes are very common for example through switching and induced currents by lightning. Small varistors are used extensively in electrical circuitry, much larger ones are used to protect the high power grid systems from both terrestrial and solar storms.

• Electrical resistance depending on the applied voltage.

• Basis of protection devices for electrical components.

For Lubricating Oil Additive:

It also appears that the ZDDP industry will be able to react with improved products in which phosphorus transfer from the lubrication to the emission system is inhibited

For Inorganic Zinc Salts :

synthesis Zinc sulfate as the Monohydrate or Heptahydrate

For Organic Zinc Salts :

• Zinc salts of fatty acids are usually made by direct reaction of zinc oxide with the acid.

• Zinc stearate is used in the Rubber, PVC and Pharmaceutical Industries.

• Zinc Naphthenate is used as a wood preservative.

• Acrylate compounds are also used in elastomers.