Company Profile

As the global change, each industry needs to develop new technology to distinguish itself in business. The developing an innovation in various industries is necessary for business efficiency, which lead for competitive advantages. Taking Nano Technology to develop innovation is necessary is this matter of change.

Navapatarakit Co., Ltd. has operated zinc business since 1994. The company has jointed business with Phd. Pachernchai Chaisit, a lecturer of Science faculty, Ladkrabang King Rama V University. The research is on the production of zinc oxide nanoparticles with spray pyrolysis method. It becomes zinc oxide, which has nanometers molecule. The research result succeeded in 2007. The company has established Nano Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008 for manufacturing and distributing zinc oxide nanoparticles.

The manufacture of zinc oxide nanoparticles by spray pyrolysis method is the national innovation. It is primary manufacture of zinc oxide molecule in nanometers level. The attribute of zinc oxide molecule in nanometers size is for against fungus, bacteria and also protection UVA and UVB, which helps added value to the product.

Later on, Nano Materials Technology produces zinc oxide with micrometers molecule level by French process method. The result of process is zinc oxide in 0.5 micrometers molecule level with high purity in premium grade for the application of rubber, polymer, ceramic, plastic and animal feedstuff industries.

Nano Materials Technology emphasizes on producing products with good quality and good services, which helps developing various industries capability for competitive advantages with international market.