ZoNop is a product of Zinc Oxide Nano

produces by Nano Materials Technology by reduced the size of Zinc Oxide to Nanometers under high temperature.


1. ZoNoP® Zinc Oxide Nano Particles

The nanosized zinc oxide nanoparticles are in the form of powder form, which has UV protection against bacteria. (Anti-bacteria) and can be used in various industries. To enhance the properties of the product to be more effective.
There are 4 sizes.
ZoNoP 500 g.                        ZoNoP 1000 g.
ZoNoP 10 kg.                        ZoNoP 100 kg.

2. ZoNoP®CL

nanofabrication products are innovations of Nanotechnology uses Nano Zinc Oxide, which provides UV-A and UV-B protection against bacteria and fungi. They also have the ability to catalyze with light. (Photocatalys) for the degradation of dirt. Reduces unwanted odors in clothing such as sweat.

There are 3 sizes.

ZoNoP CL 500 cc.                    ZoNoP CL 1000 cc.                  ZoNoP CL 5000 cc.

3. Zinc Oxide