Analysis Results

ZnO Nano of the company has been analyzed with 5 following methods:

1. TEM


2. BET


3. XRD


4. XRF

Analyze the elements of sample.



   Sample name

     Bulk density


Zinc Oxide Nano          0.14


Regarding to each tests present ZnO Nano product or ZoNop of Nano Materials Technology Co., Ltd., produces with an appropriate attribute such as in range 20-40 nano meter, well dispersion, high purity, white color with unchanged color. It can be assured to use in various industries effectively.


Product   Name                  ZoNoP ( Zinc Oxide Nano Particles )
Molecular   formula ZnO
Molecular   Weight 81.39 g/mole
Appearance White powder
Crystal Phase Zincite (hexagonal)
Purity 99.5+ %
Average Particles Size 20—40 nm
Specific Surface Area 26.22 m2/g
Bulk Density 0.14 g/cc
True Density 5.6 g/cc
P.H. 7—8
Boiling Point 0C
Melting Point 1975 0C

*   For applying in any industries of  ZnO Nano at 1-5 % by wt.